The Seed Industry is changing.   Are you ready to LEAD THE WAY?  Join the Integrated Acre System and start Changing the Conversation and YOUR FUTURE.

Help growers maximize profitability by knowing what to plant, how thick to plant it, where to plant it, & how to protect it.

Simplify the selling experience by changing the conversation, improving grower relationships and enhancing services all without spending any extra time.

Increase sales by offering industry leading tools that also help to dramatically reduce overhead.


The Integrated Acre System & Services

Selling seed is a competitive business, that’s why we are here to help CHANGE THE CONVERSATION and give your growers, seed sellers and your company the tools to help all of you be more successful.  It all starts by developing a better understanding of grower demand and ends with less returns and more revenue for your company.


Our Systems approach helps to Simplify the Sales process, Solidify your Sales and Maximize not only your Profitability but also your customers.


What We Offer

Our CORE SERVICES support the GROWER, THE SELLER, and THE SEED COMPANY.  These services are designed to Maximize profitability for everyone.  It’s an Integrated approach, that really is better for everyone.

Simplify the Sales Conversation

Still trying to sell off of product performance and price?  How about Changing the Conversation to how can I make you more money.

Solidify your Sales Orders

Improving grower demand by analyzing performance through automated yield systems allows us to better place products and accurately prescribe exactly how many bags the grower will use.

Maximize Profitability

By Simplifying the Sales Call, sellers are more likely to build stronger relationships.  Solidifying orders leads to confirmed sales earlier so products can be sold where they are needed.  This ultimately leads to less Returns, and MORE PROFIT.


Our Approach to Selling Seed

Our approach is different.  We leverage technology and support so we can spend more time meeting with our customers and doing what matters most, HELPING THEM MAKE MORE MONEY. 

We utilize cloud computing to multiply the efforts of everyone on your team.  It becomes easier for Sellers and their support teams to Sell and Service more, all without adding head count.

Our philosophies, technologies, and services lead to easier sales calls, more sales, greater customer retention and penetration.   This dramatically improves knowledge of grower demand, reduces hoarding orders and nearly eliminates returns WE GUARANTEE IT.


Automated prescriptions so powerful they simplify the sales call, reduce product performance claims, and nearly eliminate returns. 


We make it easy for growers to access the information they need.  Our customized Product Knowledge guides and record-keeping handbooks, take the guesswork out of product knowledge.

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